Landscape Design Services

At we know that sometimes it is hard to know where to start! We have created a landscape design department to give you the level of comfort and quality you have come to expect from . Whether you are looking for a detailed landscape design, or if you just need advice on where to start, we know you will be happy with what our design team can create for you.

Choose the option that suits your needs!

Free In-store Consultation: (By appointment only)
Come in and sit down for a 20 minute consultation with our Landscape Designer.  Perfect for a small corner, problem area or an overview, we will work with you to come up with a quick design solution for your garden. This service is for first time design clients only.

Make an appointment for your FREE consultation:
GardenWorks at Mandeville: (Throughout the week) Phone 604-629-1419
Lougheed: (Every Friday) Phone 604-299-0621
Capilano : (Every Thursday) Phone 604-988-8082
Saanich: (Every Sunday) Phone 250-721-2140

Don't forget to bring photos!

The GardenWorks “Site Visit”
Our landscape designer will visit you at your outdoor space to discuss your landscape concerns.  This service is for ‘do-it-yourselfers’ who want to install their project themselves but need some guidance on where to start, problem areas, plant suggestions, hardscape concepts and other design solutions. Your designer will draw a rough concept sketch that will identify general ideas for plantings, placement of paths, patios, decks, etc.   Receive a 15%-off discount card valid for 6 months.

$225 for 2 hours (Front OR back yard)                                                                          

$375 for 3.5 hours (Front AND back yard)

The GardenWorks “Site Visit Deluxe”
Our landscape designer will visit you at your outdoor space to discuss your landscape concerns.  Your designer will draw you a detailed, to-scale landscape plan, which is required when the scope of your project involves the assistance of a contractor.  The designer with work with you to explore your possibilities whether you’re looking to plan a space for entertaining, expand your existing garden, or create a family-friendly outdoor space.  Receive a 15%-off discount card valid for 6 months.  Free installation estimate provided upon request.

$325 for 3 hours (Front OR back yard)                                                                          

$499 for 5 hours (Front AND back yard)

Complete Landscape Design      From $899
Includes a full scale layout of the area of concern and a planting plan. We use collaborative design process, one that is grounded in your desires and our understanding of each site.  Our designers work as a team by discussing your project, exploring new ideas and considering alternative approaches. It starts with a meeting in your outdoor space to establish your vision and needs, followed by an interim draft plan presented to you on site.  We then finalize the plan and present it to you at GardenWorks.  Receive a 15%-off discount card valid for 1 year.  Free installation estimate provided upon request.  Prepare by establishing a detailed wish list for your project, keeping priorities in mind and your planned investment. 

Free Installation Estimate
Our team can also organize an estimate by an authorized GardenWorks contractor that can install all the elements of the design.  The contractors are independent companies that are dedicated to providing superior workmanship and customer service.  Each contractor guarantees their own work.  The hands on approach of the GardenWorks design team means that we will oversee your installation to ensure that all aspects are of top quality and in accordance with our plans.

*nominal fee for visits outside the G.V.R.D.

Before you call us...
The best design starts with a good analysis of the site, and a clear definition of your needs and goals.
While waiting for one of our designers to arrive, there are a few questions you will want to ask yourselves to help lay the path to your dream landscape:

General Questions
·What are your interests? i.e. how do you want to use the yard?
·Do you have children? Do their hobbies and sports require more lawn or more paved space?
·How much have you budgeted for this renovation? (Statistics show quality landscaping can increase a home’s value by as much as 15-20%)
Your Budget
It is our goal to present you with the best design that appeals to both your lifestyle and budget.  When assessing your goals and dreams you may not need to eliminate a high-ticket item, but rather ‘allow’ for it in your future plans (a sandbox area can later become a hot tub area!) 

For more information or to get started on your new Landscape Design project contact us...
Greater Vancouver Regional District  Phone: 604-629-1419  Fax: 604-434-0240  E-mail:
Greater Victoria Regional District
  Phone: 250-721-2140  Fax: 250-721-2821  E-mail:


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