Monthly Archives: February 2007

Kids ask great questions don’t they?  I remember my daughter and me finding a ladybug outside.  After singing the “ladybug song” she turned to me and asked “Daddy, what do ladybugs do in the winter?” After telling her the story of finding ladybugs by the thousands hibernating as adults under rocks near the summit of […]

There is no feeling like that of a new garden creator.  It’s a heady mix of power, deep satisfaction, humility when something goes wrong and joy when you see it eventually doing so well. If you’ve recently built or moved into a new home, or are just getting bit by the gardening bug, creating a […]

Webster’s Dictionary defines hybrid as “an offspring of genetically differing parents.”  One of their descriptions for standard reads “something set up as a rule for measuring or as a model to be followed.”  What does this have to do with gardening?  Flower and vegetable varieties are classified as hybrids or standards, and the differences between […]

While we freely admit that we are living in a paradise here in the Okanagan, things are far from perfect.  The midwinter grey skies arrived this week, with that persistent low cloud trapped in the valley bottom.  All is a shade of grey for those of us who don’t frequent the ski hills. If you […]