Monthly Archives: May 2007

Those of you who have read this column over the years will know that my love of gardening has been passed on from my parents. You’ve read about Dad’s ammonia-producing compost bin, his first generation chipper/shredder (a hole cut into the deck of a lawn mower) and my cherished grandfather’s hoe that I inherited. I’ve […]

Doesn’t it seem so very green everywhere you look in late May?  Is it the well-charged soil in early spring, full of moisture from the winter snows that is responsible?  Perhaps it’s the cooler weather of March and April that delayed leafing out and now trees and shrubs are bursting out with more exuberance than […]

In last week’s column I focused on how to buy quality bedding plants at the garden centre this month.  This assumes that there is a plan to what you’re buying when you grab your cart.  If you have a plan, congratulations.  You’re one step up on me! Many of us base our purchases on rational […]

May is here and that means its “spring bedding” season in the garden centres.  For all of the talk about container gardens, basket stuffers, soilless mixes and polymer gels May is really all about the flats of bedding plants lined up on shelves and tables.  From ageratum to zinnias we love to fill our carts […]

I know that “weed and feed” formulations of fertilizer, the wonderful combination of lawn fertilizer and chemical herbicide, are still being used by gardeners.  We do, after all, sell such a product in our garden centre. I had no idea, however, just how much is being applied until I took a leisurely afternoon ride on […]