Monthly Archives: June 2007

Like many other kids I was fascinated by dinosaurs when I was growing up.  Thinking about these huge creatures roaming the earth millions of years ago fueled my childhood imagination.  Fossils were cherished keepsakes and I can remember reading the story of the discovery of the coelacanth fish, thought to be extinct and then caught […]

Do you know that feeling when you can’t have something for a long time, and then suddenly you get it?  Gardeners are experiencing this feeling I think when it comes to barberry, or Berberis.  I’m sure our garden centre is not alone when it comes to volume of sales of this shrub.  It’s a popular […]

Water is in the news in our province, specifically too much of it to stay within river banks.  Here in the Okanagan our flood worries are considerably less, thankfully.  We were the recipients of a good rainfall on June 3 and 4 but so far the water hasn’t risen above the banks anywhere in our […]

There’s no doubt that the past winter left its mark on some plants in our gardens:  outright mortality in more than a few cases and many instances of delay in leafing out of woody plants.  The branches are green and the leaves are trying to push out but we have had to play the waiting […]