Monthly Archives: July 2007

In the last column I delved into the mystery of plant names, specifically genus and species.  If you’ve figured those out, well done! Let’s move onto a little more detailed aspect this week and look at subspecies, varieties, cultivars and hybrids.  Remember, it may seem very complex initially, but once you become familiar with a […]

It seems that you have to be fluent in Latin to be able to speak and understand the language of horticulture. To hear someone who knows their botanical Latin name several trees and shrubs in rapid succession is like trying to understand a foreign language.  Fear not, for Latin name are not that difficult to […]

When you work in horticulture for a couple of decades there is a tendency to think of plants as commodities. You deal with them every day, after all, and it’s not just the beauty of a plant that concerns you.  Quite often it’s more mundane things like pot size, availability, freight, price, picture tags and […]

While their appetite for my lettuce seedlings is a cause for frustration, our family does enjoy watching the antics of the quail around our garden.  The enjoyment is increased when the babies arrive; even the worst moods are transformed when you see a group of “puffballs” scattering across a street, accompanied by mom and dad. […]