Monthly Archives: August 2007

There are some plants that you can always rely on at this point of the gardening year, like faithful friends or your favourite ragged jacket that your wife hates to see you in.  These plants are looking their very best, and getting more handsome with each summer day, while those around them are fading fast […]

If your vegetable garden is beginning to scare you, if the weeds are grabbing your ankles and you’re finding all kinds of wildlife and missing items in there, you have two options.  You could do as I usually do; ignore it and then finally tear it all out in one burst of frustrated energy. Or, […]

They say that travel broadens the mind.  If that is the case, then my mind has been stretched to the breaking point by a three week trip to Italy, my wife’s birthplace.  We feasted on la dolce vita in Rome, had a spiritual and reflective time in Assisi, soaked up the sun and the scenery […]