Monthly Archives: September 2007

If you think that fall is a busy time in your garden you’re right.  There is no shortage of chores that should be completed, and you probably don’t need me to list them out for you.  With all of the tasks at hand, it’s good to know that pruning and fertilizing aren’t on the job […]

As any gardener knows, nothing much happens without good soil.  Even those of you with the greenest of thumbs will not be able to achieve greatness in the garden without rich, earthy, crumbly soil. Improving our less than perfect Okanagan soils can be a time-consuming and labour-inducing process, but in the end it’s definitely worth […]

Not that I want to go off on a rant but….let me get something off my chest this week.  This has been building up for many months now, but a recent trip to the Fraser Valley to tour nurseries brought it to the surface. It’s wasn’t the trip itself that set me off, it was […]

I have a confession to make.  I am late to work most summer mornings, at least those mornings which are warm and still.  I’m not talking 30 minutes, or even 10 minutes, but it’s not that often that I am at work on or before my appointed time. There are a few reasons for this; […]