Monthly Archives: October 2007

Everyone has their crosses to bear, even in the garden.  Whether it’s deer who drop by for the buffet almost every night, soil that is better suited for making ceramic bowls than growing vegetables and flowers or the plant you thought was an excellent choice for that particular spot which has now run rampant throughout […]

Some observations made this week that may someday become columns, but don’t quite make the grade this time.  I call them “clippings.” The “perfect” shade tree doesn’t exist, we all know that.  If it did, the tree would be seen in every garden.  Each tree has its merits, and its flaws.  The American Ash (Fraxinus […]

I know the annuals are still looking spectacular and you’re hesitant to pull them out, but eventually it’s going to freeze and one morning those geraniums will be mounds of black mush.  Why not plant your bulbs now, while it’s still relatively pleasant in the garden and the ground isn’t frozen? Here are some frequently […]

As gardeners we have to love autumn in general, and even more so in the Okanagan Valley.  Warm, sunny days paired with crisp nights that see us putting blankets over still-ripening fruits on tomato plants; bins of apples on the roadside waiting to be shipped to the packing houses, and blue pearls of grapes bunched […]

This weekend many of us will sit down with family and friends and celebrate Thanksgiving together.  I’ve always maintained that in Canada we have so much to be thankful for that we have become masters at coming up with things to complain about!  Weather, governments, bad drivers, our neighbours to the south; we are very […]