Monthly Archives: November 2007

According to polls taken in the U.S. many people still believe in an enduring myth that one of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas, the poinsettia, is a toxic plant. The Bruskin/Goldring Research firm polled 1000 Americans.  Fifty per cent of those polled said they believed that poinsettias were poisonous.  34 percent said they didn’t […]

I’ve been thinking about leaves lately; as I rake them into my flower beds, watch them circle in my driveway or tumble down the street.  Daily the number of leaves still attached to branches diminishes, and soon they’ll all be down, aided by the cold winds of November, especially those on Monday past. Some gardeners […]

I’ll admit right up front that I’ve been dealing with a serious case of Italian envy since I returned from Italy this summer.  This has manifested itself in all kinds of ways that I won’t bore you with, but I have decided that I will grow rosemary outdoors in the ground, just like they do […]

Eventually all gardeners have to face the truth; it’s over.  The outdoor gardening season that is.  Take a look out your window.  Is there any colour left, save for the green lawn and the brown leaves?  With nighttime low temperatures slated to dip down to -9 this week, it’s over. Fortunately gardening doesn’t stop when […]

When plants are blessed with colourful foliage in autumn the term “wallflower” doesn’t apply.  If your foliage is brilliant yellow, orange, red, purple or a combination of all, you get noticed.  You can’t try to hide yourself off in a corner, hoping that the season will pass quickly until your leaves drop and winter arrives. […]