Monthly Archives: February 2008

What is your definition of a classic?  It depends, I guess, on what it’s being referred to.  A classic song is one that stirs emotions and memories, or gets your feet moving.  You can watch a classic movie several times and enjoy it on a new level with each viewing.  Webster’s defines classic as “belonging […]

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and I hope your fresh flowers are still looking fresh.  Remember to change to water and re-cut the stems to prolong their freshness.  The restaurant dinner and the chocolates were tasty, but they were gone by February 15 weren’t they? You might be interested to know that about […]

My daughter turned 18 recently and as any parent does I thought back to the day she was born and considered the changes that have happened in our lives since that singular moment. Several days earlier my father-in-law had passed away and again my thoughts were dominated by events of the past, fueled by hours […]

Gardeners tend to have foibles.  You know the definition of a foible?  According to Webster’s Dictionary it’s “a minor flaw, weakness or failing.”  One of those foibles is our inability to throw things out.  From used pots and trays to broken tools, malfunctioning sprinklers and bent tomato towers that could be modern art…someday, many of […]