Monthly Archives: March 2008

Homeowners harbour misconceptions about grass clippings, thatch and fertilizers, and the combined effects of all three.  There is a lingering belief that clippings cause thatch if they’re not removed during mowing. Nitrogen is poured onto lawns each spring as we search for the perfect green oasis to surround our homes. For years we felt that […]

I must admit that my eyes begin to glaze over sometimes when I see the avalanche of new plants that come out each year.  It’s hard for us in the horticultural trade to keep up, I don’t know how you gardeners stay informed about the latest burgundy shade of million bells, the new and improved […]

Depending on where you are located, if you listen carefully your garden might be beckoning you to come outside and play.  It’s time to take the tools down from the garage wall, to inflate the tire on the wheelbarrow, to sharpen the pruners and to start spring cleaning. A word of caution; don’t try to […]

Vegetable gardens are “in” again.  If you want to know exactly what goes into your vegetables and reduce the “food miles” your carrots travel to the distance between your kitchen and the vegetable patch, the solution is simple, grow your own! If you’ve never grown a vegetable garden and your property doesn’t even have a […]