Monthly Archives: April 2008

I’ve always admired plants that look better when they have no leaves or flowers.  Any plant can solicit attention when it’s covered with pink and white/green and yellow variegated, chartreuse, burgundy, serrated, dissected or twisted foliage.  And, of course, we all like flowers, the bigger the better. But plants that grab your attention in the […]

I have always had a love/hate relationship with trees of the legume family.  Legumes are plants which have the ability to fix nitrogen from the air.  Peas and beans are the best-known examples of a legume but there are many. There are some excellent trees in the legume family and I’ll expand on their many […]

Despite last Monday’s snowfall the ‘Northern Gold’ forsythia in my garden is now in full bloom.  It wasn’t the first shrub to show colour however.  The Daphne mezereum, February Daphne, beat it by about two weeks. The bright rosy-purple blooms began to emerge back in March and when I spotted them I was immediately there […]

What a strange summer it was.  We didn’t have the long stretches of hot weather in July or August, but there were some scorching days.  July was very dry, but some areas set rainfall records for August, although there should be an asterisk beside the numbers because most of the rainfall in Penticton fell in […]