Monthly Archives: May 2008

Looking at my garden you might come to the correct conclusion that I like plants.  I’m not too concerned about design “do’s and don’ts” because I simply like plants and I’ll locate them wherever there’s space for them. Fortunately I found space towards the back of one of the borders for one of my favourite […]

What is a weed? Is it a plant growing in the wrong place, or is it the gardener’s worst enemy, the bane of our existence?  Depending on how serious the weed problem is in your garden this year, it could be all three, or worse! Has anyone else noticed that the crop of dandelions seems […]

It’s interesting to track the development of plants in the nursery business.  As a plant buyer you often hear the buzz a year or two before a plant is actually seen.  Then you see it at a nursery’s open house or at a trade show.  By the next spring a few plants are available to […]