Monthly Archives: June 2008

Several ideas have surfaced for columns during the past few weeks, so here are those ideas expanded into one or two paragraphs for each.  Summer is finally here; time to enjoy the hard work of the spring in the garden. The moisture and cooler temperatures of the spring have produced astonishingly lush growth in the […]

In the sixteen years that we’ve lived in this house we’ve renovated and remodeled every single square inch at least once.  My wife’s ever-changing colour moods are to blame for some of the transformations, others have resulted from nothing more exciting than wear-and-tear and then there are some projects which started with one small purchase […]

Behind every good plant is a story. Plants that make their way into our gardens don’t just happen. There are years of breeding and testing before they earn the right to come home with us. What I find fascinating is the personalities behind the plants, the story of the individual who had the vision to […]

If there was ever a perfect group of plants for gardens such as mine; soil-challenged and sun-baked, it would have to be the sedums. With more than three hundred species, and an astonishing number of cultivars with more coming onto the market each year, there is a huge range of choice. Their succulent foliage makes […]

I had another “wow” moment in my garden recently one evening.  What’s a wow moment?  It’s an experience you have, after a session in the garden (this one happened to involved pulling weeds and planting tomatoes), when you stand up and stop all activity. You slowly look around you, your mind suddenly empty of all […]