Monthly Archives: July 2008

The daisy family is a massive one, and we’re surrounded by members of this family wherever we turn, especially in summer.  Whether it’s in our gardens, driving along the highway on vacation or hiking in the mountains, the daisy is everywhere. One of the best known and popular group of flowers within the daisy family […]

Summer in the Okanagan usually involves hosting visitors, spending time at the beach or on the lake and enjoying everything that this season has to offer here in paradise.  If you have a vegetable garden summer activities should also include weeding, fertilizing, watering and mulching. Along with the plants that we purposely placed weeds got […]

The event that I never thought would happen to me has occurred. We are parents of a high school graduate, as our daughter received her diploma two weeks ago. We knew it was going to happen, almost from the moment she was born. But, is any parent ever ready for it? My brain has been […]

I’ve only planned and executed two gardens since I became a homeowner.  We’ve been in our present home for 16 years so the garden has been transformed a number of times, but I’ve only started from scratch twice and deeded a garden I created to someone else only once. When you sell your home you […]

The foliage growth on our landscape plants this spring has been nothing short of phenomenal, thanks to the cooler and wetter weather.  All is not paradise, however, as with this rapid growth comes a sudden increase in the aphid population in many gardens. Aphids are usually the first of the “troublesome” insects to make an […]