Monthly Archives: August 2008

Those of us who garden and who love plants possess an extra gift when we travel to different continents.  Not only do we enjoy all of the wonderful experiences as we immerse ourselves into a new culture, we notice and are fascinated by all of the plant life we encounter. I shared with you last […]

August can be a trying time for the gardener.  The heat takes its toll on your prize plants.  No matter how spectacular the garden looked a month or six weeks ago, summer can be unkind to certain plants and a garden that was bursting with colour back in June can look drab and lifeless, washed […]

With the rising price of fuel affecting everything we do, including vacations, it’s little wonder that a new word has entered our vocabulary.  A “staycation” is defined by the online Urban Dictionary as “A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s environs have to offer.” Before I go any […]