Monthly Archives: October 2008

The headlines get better each day.  “Traders glum as markets dive around the world.”  “Where did all the money go?”  “U.S. crisis threatens Okanagan.”  “TSX weekly drop biggest in years.” We are certainly living in interesting times.  The rather quick reversal in the economy has taken many of us by surprise, even those who saw […]

Most of us have experienced at least a light frost in our gardens at this point of the season.  There’s nothing like frost on your car’s windshield to put a sense of urgency into the gardening chores in October.  To delay is folly. If you have any of the so-called “tender” plants; dahlias, gladiolus, canna […]

In the next few weeks we’ll be seeing the growth forms of deciduous trees outlined against the autumn sky, sans foliage.  This is the ideal time to assess and appreciate the shapes of our trees, whether they are rounded, oval, pyramidal or fastigiate (columnar). No matter the landscape problem that needs to be solved, there […]

Daffodils are among the very best of the fall bulbs.  Their bright yellow and/or white blooms are a much-loved, sure sign of spring’s arrival, and their hardiness and ability to survive year after year, increasing their flower numbers annually, is a real bonus too.  Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate daffodils into your […]