Monthly Archives: April 2009

An Easter weekend trip to Vancouver gave me the opportunity to enjoy two aspects of my past. First, seeing Gordon Lightfoot perform for the fifteen time was a treat, if somewhat bittersweet. The first show I saw Gordon in concert was in 1976. I realized that he is getting older and does not have the […]

For years the hybrid teas, grandifloras and floribundas ruled the world of roses. Gardeners filled their “rose gardens” with names like Mr. Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth and French Lace. While these roses are still popular new names like Flower Carpet, Knock Out, Holy Toledo and Meidilland have been appearing in gardens, not just with other roses […]

It’s the time that many gardeners lie awake at night anticipating with fear. It’s time to prune the roses. No group of plants produces such confusion in terms of pruning as do roses. Ask ten gardeners how to prune a rose and you will get a dozen different answers! Relax. It’s nearly impossible to kill […]

You’ve got a plan, you know the size of the garden and you’ve determined what needs to be added to make the soil capable of growing vegetables. The final question is “What do I grow?” It’s not an easy question to answer, given that there are over 500 varieties of tomatoes alone! Experienced gardeners have […]