Monthly Archives: June 2009

It’s the middle of July; the sun is beating down mercilessly on you and your garden. Water seems to percolate through the soil as soon as it’s applied, weeds are sprouting up in all locations and your garden plants look as if they’d rather be somewhere else. What is a beleaguered gardener to do? There’s […]

We were standing beside an eight foot tall Mugo pine which had merged into the equally large Variegated Dogwood shrub. “What do you think we should do?” asked the property manager of the complex. The term “basal pruning” came to mind immediately, but I held my tongue. I was on another special assignment, called by […]

As we rapidly approach the summer solstice and wonder where the spring went, here are some germinating seeds of thought that have crossed my mind since last week’s column. The headlines are telling us that we are going to be lacking water resources again this summer, in spite of the cold and snowy winter and […]

There is something truly wonderful about sitting under the canopy of a large shade tree on a hot summer afternoon. I planted my ‘Autumn Applause’ Fraxinus Americana (American Ash) as a 1.75 metre bareroot tree some fifteen years ago in our back yard. It is now more than ten metres tall, a vital source of […]