Monthly Archives: August 2009

Regular readers of Turf’s Up will know that I have referred to “wow” moments in the garden in the past. Recently our family experienced such a moment in our garden, even though it really had nothing to do with plants. I am an early riser, usually between 5:30 and 6:30 am. I can’t function without […]

Flowering shrubs are valuable elements of any garden, but there seems to be a bias towards spring blooms. So many of the most popular shrubs are finished blooming before the May long weekend-magnolia, forsythia, azalea, rhododendrons, lilacs and the list goes on. By the time summer settles in there’s not much to choose from if […]

Hot summer temperatures can be fantastic if you love the beach and have no shortage of time to spend there, but this extended heat wave has produced some unique challenges for trees and shrubs in our gardens. During the spring growing conditions are almost ideal. Optimum plant growth occurs between 20 and 27 degrees C., […]

If you assigned human personalities to plants who would the Campsis radicans (Trumpet Vine) be? It would be a difficult one to pinpoint. A slow starter initially, reluctant to show itself, but then bursting into brilliance, attracting stares of admiration, and hummingbirds. The large trumpet-shaped blossoms of the Trumpet Vine, also known as the Hummingbird […]