Monthly Archives: September 2009

Turf’s Up readers were very generous with their feedback over my column about plants being more than ornaments in the garden. I spoke to customers at the garden centre who related stories about special plants that held meaning to them, and also received e-mails on the same subject. June from Vernon wrote about the gardens […]

Do you know what a “Penticton Palm” is? Isn’t that a great nickname? I’d never heard it until a customer referred to Ailanthus altissima as the Penticton Palm. You may know it by its more common nickname, the Tree of Heaven. It does, indeed, have foliage that envokes images of the tropics and its fast […]

The calendar doesn’t officially mark the start of autumn for another two and a half weeks, but you can certainly feel the imminent arrival of a new season in the air. The chill in the morning air, the dew on the lawns and the early onset of darkness all point to a change don’t they? […]