Monthly Archives: November 2009

This time of the year can be somewhat, how shall I phrase this, disheartening in the garden. All of the vivid colours of the growing season are gone, the oranges, reds and yellows of autumn have been stripped away by the combination of wind and cold and we’re left with a mostly brown landscape to […]

You have heard of the term “love-hate relationship” I trust. Some of us have such associations in several aspects of our lives. I have a love-hate relationship with leaves. I love them in the spring when they first unfurl from the buds on the woody stems of trees and shrubs. I am filled with joy […]

Although I had never been an advocate of a large scale cleanup in the fall garden, this year has found me in a different frame of mind. For some reason it all looked so tired, so messy, this fall. I don’t know whether it was a result of the hot, dry summer, or if my […]

You no doubt have noticed just how grey some of our days have been this past month. Our rainfall totals were higher than normal and sunshine amounts were less than we usually enjoy. Some days I looked outside and wondered just how many shades of grey the sky could be simultaneously. It’s not going to […]