Monthly Archives: December 2009

In a season packed with symbols is there anything more symbolic during Christmas than the Christmas tree? For over four centuries (it’s believed that the first use of trees indoors during the season originated in Germany in the 1500’s) we have been shuffling furniture around, hauling out boxes of ornaments and erecting evergreen (or evergreen-like) […]

The Earth continues to spin on its axis at the same pace as always, yet time seems to race along at breakneck speed. Christmas Eve is two weeks today! Because no one has time to sit down and read an entire column about just one topic, here are some seasonal observations I’ve made and want […]

With the expert help of a good friend my wife decorated the inside of our home for Christmas this past Sunday. It looks fabulous; all glitter and gold illuminated by white mini-lights. All that’s needed now is the tree, which is my responsibility! Christmas decorating begins outside at the front door at many homes and […]