Monthly Archives: June 2010

It’s a dangerous world out there, especially in our gardens! We don’t spend much time pondering the possibility of strong earthquakes shaking our valley, satellites falling from the sky and crashing into our roof or the odds of reaching the other side of the street when we venture into a crosswalk. In the same vein, […]

A random collection of thoughts as we near the first day of summer. Summer’s arrival on the calendar is imminent and while most of us are more than happy to see spring’s departure there were some positive aspects to the wet weather which produced double the amount of usual rainfall in May. Look outside for […]

As more products used to kill garden insects are taken out of circulation (goodbye Diazanon, so long Isotox) gardeners must look at alternatives to help keep populations at tolerable levels. It’s long been known that oils are effective against certain types of garden pests. The Romans used mineral oil on plants, whale oil was once […]

Any fruit that is ripe from your own garden is the best you ever tasted, but there is something about the flavour of fresh raspberries that make them my favourite. When you add the benefit of ease-of-growth and the fact that you don’t even have to bend over to pick them raspberries are as close […]