Monthly Archives: July 2010

It seems that we are focusing more than ever on food; where it comes from, what it does to us, how to better prepare it. The Food Channel is wildly popular with chefs becoming like rock stars. We are going back to the vegetable garden in record numbers, planting tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, nasturtiums, calendula and […]

Insects can be sneaky and cowardly. Gardeners don’t mind battling enemies that they can see. A rose bud covered with scores of aphids may not be visually appealing, but we can see plainly who the culprit is. Tent caterpillars in trees should not be closely viewed by the squeamish but you can at least determine […]

It’s officially summer, at least the calendar says that it’s here. Perhaps we’ll see temperatures pass the 30 deg. C mark soon. I know there are many of you who are counting on it for a whole host of reasons. When those sultry summer days finally arrive gardeners will appreciate the cooling effect of blue […]