Monthly Archives: September 2010

September has certainly not been as advertised and we have gone from picking green tomatoes because we worried about frost, to wishing we’d left them on the vines to soak up the warm temperatures of this week. What is a gardener to do? Here are a few random thoughts that came to mind while I […]

When you hear “onion” it’s quite normal to think of heaps of yellow or red globes at the grocery store, sizzling in a pan of melted butter or olive oil on the stove. The word “allium” might conjure the image of garlic bulbs or clumps of chives growing in the garden. You might be surprised, […]

Lawns are remarkable organisms aren’t they? We can abuse them for months throughout the spring and summer, and yet when autumn arrives even the worst-looking turf can bounce back and look wonderfully green. Fall provides an excellent opportunity to renew and revitalize tired lawns. No matter how poorly you have treated it this year, all […]

The difference between garlic grown in your own garden and garlic purchased in a store is so vast that no comparative phrases exist to describe it. Consider that most of the cloves found in supermarkets are grown in China. Does that seem very strange, even in today’s economic reality where so many items come from […]

The beginning of September is a seasonal neverland, neither summer or autumn. You could easily be convinced that it’s still summer at 2 in the afternoon when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. But at 7 in the morning and 8 in the evening you have to admit to yourself that a […]