Monthly Archives: October 2010

How many of you have a love/hate relationship with your garden as October slips by? Love the garden, love to garden, but hate the general dishevelment that occurs when leaves begin to fall, first frosts touch foliage and flowers do their inevitable fade past glory. Every October I resolve that I’m not going to start […]

While there are some truly majestic maple trees in eastern Canadian forests, in public parks or in rural pastures, our own landscapes are not always large enough to allow these trees to spread their branches. Fortunately there is more than enough variability amongst the 130 species of Acer to allow homeowners with even the smallest […]

Surely the adoption of the maple leaf as a symbol of Canada was an eastern initiative. The great forests of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are filled with groves of Acer saccharum, the Sugar Maple, Acer rubrum, the Red Maple and Acer saccharinum, the Silver Maple. In October these forests are ablaze with colours that […]

Flower bulbs are a miracle to me. How can something so colourless and seemingly lifeless go into the soil, survive frigid temperatures for months and produce such a beautiful outcome next spring? When those green shoots burst out of the ground and then unfurl their vivid blooms it’s a sure sign of a higher power […]