Monthly Archives: November 2010

Last week I looked at some steps we can take to help our houseplants through winter. I didn’t mention the number one cause of houseplant fatalities however. What do you think it is? Neglect, insects, cold drafts, cats, too much fertilizer? Any of these will definitely cause houseplants to end up on the compost pile, […]

November, the month when the first snow drifts down, when we finally admit that the outdoor growing season is over and when we look around in our homes and think “Hey, that’s right, we have houseplants!” The next four months will be an opportunity for us to get reacquainted with our houseplants, if only because […]

Not all of the brilliant fall colours we’ve enjoyed this past month necessarily have to come from deciduous shrubs and trees. If you look up on the slopes of the high mountains in the valley you’ll see splashes of golden yellow among the lodgepole pine and the Douglas fir forest. This colour comes from Larix […]

In every garden centre’s flowering plant section there are stars waiting for their moment to shine, plants that are only available during particular times of the year. They appear suddenly, dazzle for a week or two, and then they’re gone again. If you miss them, lost among the chrysanthemums, begonias, azaleas and the African violets, […]