Monthly Archives: December 2010

Thank goodness for gardeners I say; we’re so easy to buy for at Christmas time. There’s no agonizing over the perfect gift, our hobby is gadget or tool-intensive and the possibilities are almost endless. Here are my top ten choices for gifts for gardeners, and I freely admit my own personal biases. 1. Pruners or […]

When one thinks of Christmas there are many things that come to mind, but for me it’s the Christmas tree. Specifically, it’s the moment on Christmas Eve when the presents have been set underneath its branches, the milk, cookies and carrots are set out on the kitchen table and my family is asleep. I have […]

Late November’s chilly weather got me thinking about poinsettias. That may seem odd but let me explain. We haven’t seen temperatures this low in southern BC in November for 25 years. It was 1985 when many temperature records were set in the province and at the time I was working for a commercial greenhouse in […]