Monthly Archives: April 2011

When the warmer weather arrives (and it will) and I’m spending time on my deck, wine glass in hand, my mind will wander to the Italian villa that is my shadow home. You know the shadow home, the one we all wish we had. At the villa the long curved driveway is lined with Cupressus […]

Although it has been a cool spring (Environment Canada’s forecast has been remarkably accurate) it’s still very exciting to get the first seeds planted in the vegetable garden, and to watch the green shoots unfold daily. Novice gardeners should be justifiably pleased with their efforts, but don’t hang up the tools or put your gloves […]

Last week I attempted to demystify pruning of clematis. In this week’s column I’ll tackle another plant saddled with pruning-related mysteries straight out of the X-Files; the hydrangea. Thanks to several wonderful recent introductions the hydrangea is finding its way into more gardens. Their long-lasting blooms offer colour from summer to late fall, but there […]

CLEARING UP CLEMATIS CONFUSION During the 22 years that I have hosted the open-line radio show “Garden Talk” one question has been asked far more frequently than any other, “How do I prune my clematis?” There seems to be more confusion and trepidation about pruning this vine, with its enthusiastic growth and amazing display of […]