Monthly Archives: May 2011

Flying Through the Bermuda Triangle When you spend two decades plus working in a garden centre you begin to see patterns. One pattern is that all gardens have their own version of the “Bermuda triangle,” that place where plants go and never return. A second pattern is that gardeners keep trying to fly through the […]

A PEONY IN EVERY GARDEN In the hierarchy of plants that are worth having in the garden peonies occupy a special place. I think they should be in every garden. Few plants combine sturdy, no-nonsense hardiness with beautiful blooms and fresh foliage that looks good for six months. Peonies will happily provide their special attributes […]

KEEP YOUR MOTHER’S DAY GIFT THRIVING With Mother’s Day happening this past Sunday many Moms have received hanging baskets or patio planters from their sons and daughters. I thought it would be timely to outline how to care for these “live gifts” so they will continue to look great through the entire growing season. No […]