Monthly Archives: June 2011

This column originally appeared back in 2006 but I thought it was a good idea to reprint it, as conditions have been ideal for another outbreak of powdery mildew this past spring. If you’ve got white spots on the foliage of your garden plants, read on. There are a few very basic “housekeeping” steps that […]

Lilacs Need some Love I love lilacs. Always have, since I was in grade school walking past lilac hedges twice a day, stopping to breathe in the heavenly fragrance each May. Truly there is nothing comparable to that perfume. When we bought our present home there was a lilac planted at the south end of […]

Fresh Figs are Sublime There are edible fruits and then there are fruits which transcend the ordinary. It’s not only their taste, it’s the fact that you are growing them and then eating them fresh from your own garden, in a climate where they really shouldn’t survive. Tasting a fresh fig (Ficus carica) that you’ve […]

It was time this week for my daughter and I to carry out one of our annual rituals, planting morning glory seeds in one of the large containers on our deck. The tripod of bamboo poles was installed and the seeds were planted and now we wait for the first tiny shoots to poke their […]