Monthly Archives: September 2011

Our garden centre staff has been following the ongoing controversy about the deer population in Penticton with great interest, both the stories in the newspaper and the always-entertaining letters to the editor. It seems that there are nearly as many opinions about what should be done as there are numbers of deer within the city […]

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 this past Sunday I took the opportunity to read once again the column I had written back in 2001 after that terrible day. The points I tried to make back then still hold so true today-that we always have our gardens to reconnect us with our reality, especially after […]

Why do we create gardens? Who are we building them for? What’s the motivation to move soil, to sow seed, to nurture and maintain a piece of earth? I’ve been pondering these questions over the past week after visiting a garden that brought a smile to my face and an appreciation for one woman’s ability […]