Monthly Archives: October 2011

I’ve written it before-bulbs are miracles. We plant them in October and we don’t see them for five or six months while the snow falls on the frozen ground, we forget we’ve planted them and we forget where we planted them. Then, just as they have faded furthest from our memory, they pop out of […]

For most homeowners, a good looking lawn is a source of pride. One must, of course, keep up appearances in the neighbourhood, and for many gardeners it starts with the lawn. It was a hot August and September, and if your lawn has come through it looking a little tired, October is an excellent time […]

As discussed in last week’s edition of Turf’s Up the relationship between garden plants, gardeners and deer is a complicated one. There are so many factors which determine whether plants will be left alone, browsed lightly or chewed down to the roots. However there are definitely plants that deer will leave alone in most circumstances. […]