Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s a testament to the talents of those who produce flowers in BC’s greenhouse industry that December gives us some of the most beautiful and colourful specimens of the entire years. Giving and receiving flowering plants like azalea, cyclamen and poinsettias has become as much a holiday tradition as any other you could name. To […]

I remember the moment well, even though it occurred 27 years ago. I had just been hired to work in a large commercial greenhouse business in Richmond, BC. I’d pestered the owner about a job for a few months until finally I think I wore him down. My previous job, between semesters at university, had […]

You know it’s raining hard in Vancouver when…the wind is blowing steadily in the southern part of the Okanagan Valley. Such was the case on Grey Cup weekend when winds blew constantly for two days, making for the perfect excuse to stay indoors and graze on snacks for four hours as the Lions brought home […]

When I was growing up on of the most discussed subjects in the autumn was the amount of berries on the Sorbus aucuparia (Mountain Ash) trees. My parents always told us that if there are a lot of berries on the mountain ash in the fall it was going to be a cold winter. I […]