Monthly Archives: April 2012

RHUS TYPHINA ‘TIGER EYES’-CUTLEAF SUMAC-DECIDUOUS SHRUB I have the traditional Smooth Sumac growing in my garden, and while I do appreciate its rapid growth and indestructible nature, not to mention the fabulous foliage colour in autumn, I wish ‘Tiger Eyes’ was around fifteen years ago when I landscaped that section of my garden. This exciting […]

SAMBUCUS NIGRA ‘EVA’-BLACK LACE SAMBUCUS Every once in a while a plant is introduced that makes you step back and say “Wow, where has this plant been all this time?” An exotic-looking plant that grows almost anywhere, ‘Black Lace’ is the ideal choice for those of us with Japanese maple envy and no proper place […]

Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Sem’ While we tend to fix our gardener’s gaze on flowers more than foliage, there is much to admire about a plant whose foliage upon emerging in spring is simply dazzling. ‘Sem’ doesn’t just leaf out, its leaves unfurl deliciously slow, revealing a fantastic shade of caramel pink that becomes deeper as the […]