Every once in a while a plant is introduced that makes you step back and say “Wow, where has this plant been all this time?” An exotic-looking plant that grows almost anywhere, ‘Black Lace’ is the ideal choice for those of us with Japanese maple envy and no proper place in our garden to grow one. I love recommending this plant to customers because I know it will thrive and dazzle. You can treat it like a large shrub, a smallish multi-stemmed tree or a large and bold perennial depending on your pruning preference. And, let’s face it guys, a plant with a name like ‘Black Lace’ does make you notice doesn’t it?

This deciduous shrub grows to 2.5 metres tall and wide, but it can be kept smaller with hard annual pruning. Best colour develops in full sun. Large pink flower clusters form in spring, followed by dark red to black berries. Hardy to -30 deg. C.

See above. Seriously, the colour is fabulous, and it doesn’t fade in our Okanagan heat. The finely cut leaves closely resemble those of a cutleaf Japanese maple. The blooms are a bonus, and the birds will happily feed on the berries for as long as they last into winter. It’s a terrific plant for those of us who like to prune, because much like Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) you can cut it down to knee height in early spring and it will grow back vigorously. ‘Black Lace’ is an example of a plant which doesn’t really need companion plants. It’s so big and bold that other plants either aren’t necessary or don’t “show up” in front. Give this plant the room it deserves, you won’t be sorry.

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