Monthly Archives: June 2012

La Sevillana’ Rose When a new series of roses were introduced in the early 1980’s the term “shrub rose” had seldom been heard. The Meilland or Meidiland roses began a revolution that continues to this day. They’re disease-resistant, free-flowering roses grown on their own roots, not grafted onto rootstock. Many more introductions have come along […]

I love a good shade tree, and I especially love when good shade trees are born from not so good trees. Acer negundo, the Boxelder Maple, is a somewhat undesirable tree in my estimation. It’s weak-wooded and thus prone to breakage in wind. It produces thousands of seeds, making it a favourite target of the […]

Do you ever have that experience where you plant something, many months go by and then what comes up where you planted is a complete and utter surprise? Allium ‘Globemaster’ will produce this type of revelation. Plant it in October, wait seven months and one spring day these broad strap-like leaves are bubbling out of […]

There are several flowering trees vying for the limelight in May and June, but for me the most spectacular tree in late spring has no flowers at all. It’s the brilliant yellow foliage of Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Sunburst’ (Sunburst Honey Locust) that catches my eye in neighbourhoods throughout the South Okanagan. On sunny and grey days […]