Monthly Archives: October 2012

I am always so very impressed by the sheer number of trees planted on city-owned property in Vancouver. They become even more impressive in October when their fall colours begin to show. Driving west on 49th Street past Granville Avenue last week I was enthralled by the plantings of Cercidiphyllum japonicum, the Katsura tree. They […]

Because they never seem to play baseball in October we are never able to witness the transformation of the outfield wall at Chicago’s Wrigley Field from dark green to scarlet red. The autumn colours of Parthenocissus triscupidata “Veitchii” aka Boston Ivy won’t be available for a national audience to see until the Cubs actually make […]

Many of us associate plants and flowers with people who are special to us. Daisies and apple blossoms are my Mom’s flowers. My daughter is gerbera daisies. Callicarpa, Beautyberry, is for a friend and co-worker who left us too early a few years back. Callicarpa comes from the Greek kalli-(beautiful) and karpos (fruit) and in […]