Monthly Archives: December 2012

Unlike the poinsettia, which is a relatively recent introduction to the Christmas plant scene, holly has been used indoors during the holidays for hundreds of years. The red berries are a colourful counterpoint to the dark days of December, much like the bright red bracts of the poinsettia. Add the glossy green leaves of evergreen […]

One of the many reasons why I’ll never have an artificial Christmas tree is the fragrance of a real tree. No matter what type of tree you have in your home, it smells like the forest and, to me, it smells like Christmas. Fragrance is the main feature of Abies grandis, the Grand Fir. It’s […]

I’m always happy to see plants that I am familiar with through my work growing in their natural habitat so I was very excited when I encountered Abies procera growing in Idaho along the Route of the Hiawatha bike trail in 2011. They are a magnificient evergreen, tall and stately with soft, blue green needles. […]