Monthly Archives: April 2013

Have you noticed how spring flower colours have no softness to them? There are no pastel shades, no subtle tones; everything is vibrant and vivacious. Perhaps it has something to do with the race to attract pollinating insects early in the season but it doesn’t matter why. We reap the benefits in our gardens don’t […]

There are plants that show best when planted in groups or can be repeated in a landscape with nice effect. Then there are plants which are so dramatic in their form that a single specimen is all that a landscape can bear. Weeping forms are popular for this reason; they make terrific accent plants and […]

Many gardeners are familiar with Yucca filamentosa, the plant known as Adam’s Needle. It’s a common landscape plant, very tolerant of dry soils and hot sun and a good choice for an exposed location where you want a year-round plant presence. Less common is its cousin, Yucca glauca, the Soapweed. With much finer foliage and […]

The hawthorn (Cratageus) is not as widely used in North America like it is in England, where it forms enormous, impenetrable hedgerows. One exception is Cratageus laevigata, the May Tree often referred to in English literature. Homeowners looking for a small, densely branched flowering shade tree will find exactly what they’re looking for in this […]