Monthly Archives: May 2013

Plant breeders have been working for several years to increase the appeal of flowering shrubs for gardeners. We’ve seen advances in bloom size and length of bloom. We’ve seen shrubs that were formerly too large for the average lot reduced in size to make them easier to fit into small spaces. Foliage has been variegated […]

It’s not easy to admire a plant that I spent a few years trying to pull out of my lawn, all the while seeing the same plant growing on the side of the highway as I went to work. This was Achillea millefolium, the common Yarrow. Fortunately a hybrid between A. millefolium and the Greek […]

Plants can be described as “useful” in the sense that they can perform a variety of roles in a landscape. Any plant that has persistent colourful berries over the winter, forms a thick barrier screen or hedge and can also be espaliered against a fence or wall would certainly have to have the useful moniker […]

As I was in my garden digging yet another hole into sandy, gravelly soil that yielded a large number of round stones I thought of the sempervivum, aka Hens and Chicks or Houseleeks. If there was ever a plant for my humus-impoverished soil this is it. Sempervivums are incredibly tough evergreen perennials that thrive in […]

Ornamental grasses are now a mainstay of landscapes, whether it’s in your own garden, in a city park or at a gas station or shopping mall. This week’s plant profile is of a different sort of grass. Hakonechloa macra “Aureola,” Golden Japanese Forest Grass, is not the six-foot-tall-strongly-vertical model, waving in the slightest breeze, that […]