Monthly Archives: July 2013

I’ve always maintained that the Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) is the perfect flowering shrub for people who like to prune. A decade ago most varieties of these plants grew to 2.5 metres feet tall by the end of the growing season. In order to renew them and allow them to produce new wood for blooms later […]

I have always had a “thing” for the agapanthus, also known as Lily-of-the-Nile. It’s the combination of glossy strap-like foliage and the blooms, properly called umbrels, perched atop the long stiff stems that I find so appealing. Potted into the right container and set by a doorway, they just ooze class and sophistication. I have […]

Blues in the garden are important, never more so than during summer in borders where the sun beats down intensely for most of the day. Blue cools and calms down the border, making it less glaring to the eye. It can compliment or constrast, depending on what’s planted around it. Blue diffuses the scene, allowing […]

It was only three years ago that I first heard of this new variety of hydrangea that was “like a pink flowered Annabelle.” That certainly got my attention. The old-fashioned Hydrangea arborescens “Annabelle” is a favourite of mine, and many other gardeners. Imagine one with pink blooms. When we first got some plants in the […]