Monthly Archives: September 2013

It hasn’t begun just yet but with the cold morning temperatures we’ve had this week the foliage on deciduous trees and shrubs will begin to turn. It will peak sometime in October and then the show will be over as the ground is littered with leaves. Meanwhile, the ornamental grasses, the other star player in […]

Some plants have so many species names that you would swear they were fugitives on the run. Clematis terniflora ‘Paniculata’, the Sweet Autumn Clematis, is the latest moniker for this fall-blooming vine, and I hope it lasts. It is, after all, much easier to pronounce than Clematis maximowicziana! Other names it has gone by over […]

Every season has its own set of associated colours and oranges, yellows, reds and browns are definitely the tones for autumn. I love this time of the year; the colours only intensify as the nights get cooler. Garden mums are available in these colours and they’re so popular right now. But there are other plants […]

I do admire the annuals that have been blooming since way back in late May but there comes a time when they look tired and you get tired of looking at them every day. At some point both parties are happy to affect the season change in the garden. There are a whole group of […]