Monthly Archives: October 2013

When the pond and waterfall were constructed in front of our garden centre there was much discussion about which plants we were going to install. There was, however, no question that we were going to plant a weeping form of Acer palmatum, the Japanese maple. And there was no discussion over which one it was […]

The conditions this fall have been ideal for bringing out the rich colours in the foliage of trees and shrubs as the green chlorophyll is replaced by pigments of orange and red. Warm sunny days and cool nights make for a superb show in October, and perhaps no plant has reflected this reality than Euonymus […]

I came across a reference this week which called today’s plant “low key and trustworthy.” Plants do indeed have personalities and this description suits Viburnum trilobum ‘Bailey’s Compact’ to perfection. It’s content to linger in the back of the border for the spring and summer, with its non-descript green foliage and sparse clusters of white […]

One of my favourite gardening books is Allen Lacy’s “The Garden in Autumn.” In it he speaks of lingering perennials, those plants which are interesting over a long period of time. He writes “A garden may be transformed when the plants specific to autumn begin to bloom, but the lingerers, together with the architectural features […]