Monthly Archives: December 2013

When Mel Torme or Nat King Cole sings of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” they are referring to Castanea sativa, the Sweet Chestnut. Native to Asia Minor and Europe the chestnut has been used as a food source for over 2000 years. The nut acquires a sweet flavor and a somewhat flour-like texture after […]

The list of blooming plants that can be found in the garden centre in December is a long one. Orchids are amazing, I’m a big fan of the kalanchoe/poinsettia combination known as the Kalsettia and the florist azalea is impressive. You have to be impressed with the skills of a greenhouse grower who can produce […]

Members of the Ilex, or Holly, family of plants have been a part of Christmas celebrations for centuries. The bright red berries are a colourful counterpoint to the dark days of December, much like the bright red bracts of the poinsettia. Add the glossy green leaves of evergreen holly and you have a mirror of […]