Monthly Archives: April 2014

Lilacs Don’t Need to be Territorial Lilacs have always been a favourite shrub of mine and despite the battles I’ve had trying to control the four I have in my garden I still love the fragrant blooms. A bouquet of them always finds its way onto the dining room table on Mother’s Day in our […]

The blossoms of the apricot trees in the orchard below our property are just beginning to crack open. The trees are on a west-facing slope so any heat that has been generated in the past few weeks has begun to take effect. Apricots are always the first fruit trees to bloom in our valley and […]

Have you ever considered that many food crops have a “highest form?” You know, basil turned into pesto, grapes turned into wine, filberts turned into Frangelico and so on. Rhubarb is one of the best illustrations of a garden crop that on its own is virtually inedible, but combined with a little sugar, a little […]