Monthly Archives: May 2014

Pollen Season? Blame the Guys! It’s flying season in the great outdoors. The elm seeds continue their migration south into my driveway. Last holiday Monday we were on our deck with some friends and suddenly enormous snowflakes were drifting lazily through the air; cottonwood seeds from the large trees across the highway. And I can […]

Welcome to Planet Elm No matter how much of a down side there is to some plants, you have to admire them just the same. Ulmus pumila, the Siberian elm, is not my favourite tree but I admire its tenacity. At our previous house there were three large Siberian elms located across the street. Each […]

Cages, Towers, Stakes and Tomatoes I’ve always had affection for a well-supported tomato patch. Maybe it’s weird but I can spot and appreciate tomatoes that are effectively staked or caged from a block away. I have many favourite scenes in ‘The Godfather’ but have you ever noticed the tomato patch in the scene where the […]

It’s Dandelion Season As I sat on the couch talking with my parents at their home the other day I couldn’t help but notice the bright yellow carpet of dandelion blooms on the lawn in the “pocket park” beside their property. “That’s quite a colourful crop next door” I commented. “Yes, and it was just […]

Things were different in too many ways to count when I was growing up. There was one TV channel and no computers so my brothers and I spent hours outdoors manufacturing our own entertainment. Sometimes this took the form of throwing green apricots at each other, at times it was shooting a tennis ball against […]

ONE MOMENT CAN SHAPE A LIFE For many of us it’s possible to pinpoint a moment in our lives when something so significant occurred that the path we thought we would follow was altered; the direction changed, not for a month or a year but for all time. Sadly, tragedies and other unpleasant events fall […]