Monthly Archives: June 2014

Dry Shade? Fear Not Gardener! If there is one term that strikes fear into the heart of the gardener, it has to be “dry shade.” Most landscapes have these haunts, where a shovel into the ground yields a few pathetic roots and a dustbowl of pathetic soil. It can be very discouraging to tackle a […]

First, let me admit that I really don’t like the taste of beets. This makes me a minority in my family but I don’t mind. My son loves beets; for him this year I have planted the heirloom “Chioggia” variety in one of the raised beds. Growing up I feared the appearance of beets on […]

THE WONDER OF WISTERIA If you’ve ever stood under an arbour that is covered with a wisteria vine in full bloom you’ll know where the term “awestruck” may have originated. And, if you’ve ever tried to bring an overgrown wisteria back under control you may use the term “hopeless” and other more colourful phrases to […]