Monthly Archives: August 2014

On Trees September is almost upon us, with its return to school, meetings and activities and…the garden. We’ve talked to several customers in the past week or so about shade trees, as homeowners begin to plan for fall projects in their landscapes. Let me say it right now, fall is an excellent time to plant […]

It’s not exactly a case of pestilence and plague but if you look around your neighbourhood and on the slopes above the highway and other roads, anywhere there are trees, you will no doubt see webbing wrapped around upper branches. If you look closer it appears that the branch is moving as dozens of one […]

It’s much easier to have a colourful and visually interesting garden in say, June, than right now in the heat of August. We’re in a transition phase; the late spring and early summer colour explosion has passed and given the hot temperatures we’ve received for the past month it’s amazing that anything looks good out […]

In recognition of the fact that it’s August and attention spans tend to be a little shorter during the languid days of mid-summer here are some random thoughts generated in the past week; hope you’re enjoying the heat wave, don’t forget the sunscreen. If you grow tomatoes (and who doesn’t) in your garden you’ll likely […]